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Education and Workforce Development

Current ECE Students

Students in Electrical and Computer Engineering and across the University of Michigan have the opportunity to take a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses that will prepare them for a career in microelectronics and semiconductors. Several of these courses provide hands-on experience in the world-class Lurie Nanofabrication Facility.



  • Graduate Research: All doctoral students and many master’s students are involved in microelectronics and semiconductors research through direct faculty support.
  • Undergraduate Research: There are a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students interested in research within the department.

Future and Non-Michigan Students

ECE offers several opportunities for high-school students and college students outside of the University of Michigan to gain experience in semiconductors and microelectronics. These include:

  • Michigan Semiconductor Hands-On Experience (M-SHORE): Undergraduate students outside the University of Michigan can participate in this 10-week summer program that is funded by the National Science Foundation in conjunction with the Semiconductor Research Corporation.
  • Electrify Tech Camp: ECE’s Electrify Tech Camp is a non-residential engineering tech camps for high school-aged students during the summer. At least one of the camps offers a chance for students to enter the LNF. These week-long camps offer a hands-on engineering experience.